Been a writer Part 1

Been a writer is what  i have always wanted, why you might ask…

Writing helps me improve my imagination, with writing i can be in different places while still sitting on a chair typing on a computer, i can create a whole new world and it is amazing, full of passion, enthusiasm and joy but on the other hand it is full of detriments, terror, pain and sorrow. What i love about writing is that you can go back and erase all the mistakes you have made(Thank God i’m not using a typewriter, lol!) The last time i wrote i was in trance for a very longtime; somehow i was able to block out all the noise surrounding me and ignore the growling of may stomach(despite my love for eating, hahahaha!). Writing and speaking a very different; when writing you have to know when to pause,when to stop and when to start a brand new chapter. You can’t use words such as lol  so i’m breaking the rules.

I don’t write because i want to be the next best selling author(okay maybe somewhere in my subconscious mind there is that desire) but writing is the one thing that helps me find balance, it helps me get my mind off things i’d rather not mention or think about. Writing is a way of meditating…

Author: Wame

one day you will tell myself story and not because it is my own but because you can relate, all will seem so clear and you will feel the bond we share not because we know each other but because i have spoken words you identify with.

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