“Its not only a dream’

When we were kids we all wanted to be something and it excited us whenever we mentioned what we wanted to be; that my friend is what we call ‘dreaming.’You don’t necessarily get in bed to dream, a dream is one’s desire to accomplish something greater than themselves.

Martin was at day care, every time before school his mum would wake him up and they would; work on her garden together, wash the dishes, clean the house and make breakfast together, this was Martin’s daily routine on weekdays before school and he did all this with enthusiasm and marvelously; every now and then he would make mistakes like cut a leave inside of cutting the weed off, break a plate.His mum would smile as he picked up the broken pieces of glass scattered on the kitchen floor as she ran her hand through his soft black curly hair and say, ” Now you will know how to separate a weed from the plants and you will learn to pick up after yourself.”

One day it was career day at school and the children were asked to create an artistic picture of what they wanted to be when they grow up; Kids grew people in doctor coats, police uniform, holding a chalk to the board, an ambulance with a paramedic and more. The teacher smiled as she went around and chuckled at the one of a teacher holding a chalk, ” Good Job Lisa, that almost looks like me.” she said brushing Lisa’s hair with her hand and passed. She got to Martin’s office and began to fume anger and asked Martin to hold his paper up, ” Kids, tell me what you see?” His teacher said, everyone started laughing but that did not bother Martin at all, he just smiled and continued holding the picture up. ” Martin, what is the meaning on this?” The teacher said still fuming. ” Its a picture of my mum Ms Louis.” he replied proudly as he turned the picture to look at it. ” So you want to be your mum when you grow up?” a kid said with a sarcastic laugh with a whisper but Martin heard him.  “Yes” he answered…… To be continued

Author: Wame

one day you will tell myself story and not because it is my own but because you can relate, all will seem so clear and you will feel the bond we share not because we know each other but because i have spoken words you identify with.

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