Does it really exist, you see people define a secret as something that is meant to be unknown to others. When you think about it, who are ‘others’ because experience has taught me that there is no such  thing as a secret, lets take this particular scenario as an example;

Melissa and Elsa were sitting on the green grass under a huge baobab tree with Elsa leaning against the tree trunk and Melissa lying on her back on the grass,  “You will never guess what happened?” Melissa said sitting up then moving to Elsa’s side, also leaning n the trunk she pulled her phone from her pocket and started scrolling through it,  “you have to promise not to tell anyone?” Melissa said finally finding what she was looking for in her phone and handed it to Elsa. “Oh come on, who would i tell, what is it?” Elsa said grabbing the phone from Melissa. ” Oh my gosh, isn’t that Mike, Danielle’s boyfriend?” Elsa said closing the book she was reading to focus on the image of Melissa and Mike, with shock written all over her face. “Yes it is, please don’t tell anyone because he made me swear not to tell anyone.” Melissa said with worry on her face. ” how long has this thing being going on between the two of you?” Elsa asked looking up at Melissa “a few months,” she answered with a shameful tone.

” You will never guess what i saw yesterday?” Elsa was walking home with Miranda. ” What? please don’t tell me you saw that jerk again?”  Miranda said stopping at her tracks. “No it has nothing to do with him. Its Melissa, she is seeing Mike.”  “What but isn’t that Danielle’s boyfriend?” Miranda said with disbelief on her face. “Yep, i know.”

So think about it people, looking at the scenario approve; does a secret really exist, what determines who ‘others’ that shouldn’t know are? so what is a secret?

Author: Wame

one day you will tell myself story and not because it is my own but because you can relate, all will seem so clear and you will feel the bond we share not because we know each other but because i have spoken words you identify with.

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