confessions of a depressed woman Part 1

she kind of saw it coming; it started with the sleepless nights, then followed overthinking and feeling worthless. She saw it coming but she had no idea it would be this intense. Sometimes she would cry while showering because then no one would notice she had been crying because the tears would run down with the water from the shower. But you know what came easy to her? Letting go, she believed everyone but her deserved all the happiness in the world.  Whats scared her most was the fact that she was getting used to the disappointments, it became okay with her when they kept saying, ” i’m sorry but something came up, i cant make it, Diana has a party so i have to cancel our plans,” her answer would simply be, ” Its okay, i understand.” I guess you can say that disappointment became a part of her. She tried so hard to be a part of something but it all came crashing on top of her like a pile of rocks from a crumbling  mountain after an intense earthquake. She saw it coming but she had no idea it would be this intense….

Author: Wame

one day you will tell myself story and not because it is my own but because you can relate, all will seem so clear and you will feel the bond we share not because we know each other but because i have spoken words you identify with.

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