You will know…

You know that you should be worried when all you want to do is put your hands on him, run your fingers against his spinal cord while grabbing on to his waist. All I wanted was a bit of fun but all I ended up with was wonder and worry, you see he will tell you that all he wants is to have fun and you agreed but deep inside all you want to do is explore each and every part of him with your moist lips; his strong arms holding onto you, his firm abs and his sweet lips hungry for yours. But can you blame me for wanting for than those lips but the spoken words they speak, the warmth they offer with every intertwined finger he offers, all I want is his brains, body and more…

Author: Wame

one day you will tell myself story and not because it is my own but because you can relate, all will seem so clear and you will feel the bond we share not because we know each other but because i have spoken words you identify with.

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